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CBS Sunday Morning Underscores Systemic Problems; Counsel for Kids is Part of the Solution

Earlier this week, CBS Sunday Morning news shared the experiences of Vanessa Peoples, Samantha Mungai, and their respective families, with the child protection system.  The report underscored racial and economic injustice in the system and the impossible choices families often face. It also grappled with the fact that family separation often harms children.  The […]

The C4K Cheat Code Revealed: Collaborative Champions and Centering Lived Expertise

The momentum around Counsel for Kids (C4K) continued to grow during the 2022 legislative session, thanks to strong legislative champions and lived experience experts.   Dedicated policy advocates buoyed C4K Campaign efforts in Colorado and Indiana this year.  In each state, diverse coalitions of youth with lived experience in the child protection system, attorneys, foster parents, […]

Alaska Foster Youth Get More Input in their Cases

Alaska foster youth will soon have more of a say in what happens with their cases.  In early April, the Alaska Supreme Court passed Order No. 1979, which amends court rules to allow foster youth the ability to attend hearings and have court-appointed attorneys argue their own wishes in their cases…. Under the new order, youth in […]

Counsel for Kids Campaign Update – Spring 2022

The Counsel for Kids (C4K) Campaign continues to grow – expanding state coalitions, evolving partnerships, increasing media visibility, improving public awareness, and enhancing tools and resources to influence policymakers.Youth should be seen, heard, and represented: watch our new video. Technical Assistance (TA) Requests In addition to ongoing technical assistance in Florida, Idaho, Indiana, and South Carolina, […]